What I Like In General
  • Elegant simplicity
  • Environmentalism; conservationism
  • Intelligent humor
  • Wide open spaces; peace and quiet
  • History of art & architecture; Italian Renaissance
  • Climbing trees; tree houses
  • Swimming; skinny dipping; SCUBA
  • Sports and luxury cars
  • Yo-yos; model trains; kites; toys in general
  • Crotch rockets and the sexy boys who ride them
  • Tattoos; body piercings; body modifications
  • Grilled ham and cheese sandwiches; macaroni and cheese; chicken and dumplings
  • Fast-moving traffic
  • Young, skinny punk rockers (esp. w/ Mohawk haircuts)
What I Dislike In General
  • Intolerance; closed-mindedness; dogma
  • Conspicuous consumption
  • Gourmet food; any food I can't identify
  • Jewelry; gems; gold; diamonds
  • Cookie-cutter houses in planned neighborhoods; gated communities
  • Holiday decorations, flowers, nick-nacks, frivolity
  • Home pages that begin "So you want to know a little more about me..."
  • Sweaters draped over the shoulders and tied about the neck
  • SUVs
  • White socks with dark shoes
  • Nose piercings (not too fond of lip piercings either)
  • Pickles; cole slaw; salt potatoes
  • Left-foot brakers
  • Birkenstock sandles worn over wool socks
  • Chat profiles that begin "I don't know what to write here..."
  • Dark socks in the gym
  • Eating my vegetables
What I Like In A Guy
  • Strong sense of humor; can laugh at himself; see's humor in all situations
  • Creative; artistic
  • Honest; open book; no secrets; what you see is what you get
  • Says what he means; means what he says
  • Eloquent; well-spoken; good conversationalist
  • Self-confident; good self-esteem; just short of cocky
  • Young at heart; impulsive; enjoys trying new things; open minded
  • Even-tempered; well-organized; prompt
  • Decisive; knows what he wants; stands up for what he believes in
  • Independent; doesn't need me 24/7
  • Meets new people easily
  • A good driver; operates the vehicle skillfully; effective in hectic traffic situations
  • Can pick up a hammer or a wrench without freaking out
  • Not shy about his body; gets naked in front of other people
  • Lean; very little body fat
  • Physically fit; active; good cardio-vascular condition
  • Good proportions; preferably a slender build
  • Ideally little or no body hair
  • Sharp facial features: cheek bones, jaw line, nose bridge, etc.
  • Broad, strong shoulders; tapered back; trim waist
  • A warm smile and a twinkle in the eye
What I Dislike In A Guy
  • Overly emotional; drama queen; high maintenance
  • Financially irresponsible
  • Disorganized; poor memory; inaccurate; imprecise
  • Low self-esteem; insecure; feelings of inadequacy
  • Can't walk out the door without taking time to primp
  • Private; can't or won't share his life
  • Pretentious; pedantic; never wrong
  • Needs an immaculate living environment and nice new furniture
  • Freaks out if he has to wear the same underwear a second day, or go a day without showering
  • Afraid to get his hands dirty and/or break a sweat
  • Spends all his time in clubs on the dance floor
  • Addicted to shopping
  • Sedentary
  • Pressures me to change
  • Body fat
  • Poor posture
  • Too much body hair
  • Over-developed; more muscle than his frame can handle
  • Too tall; over 6 foot 1 or 2 inches
  • Flat butt
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