VoyEx8 minutes 30 seconds  ©1999
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This experimental short subject explores the voyeur/exhibitionist relationship. The piece follows three brief stories: a voyeur; an exhibitionist; and a voyeur who gives in to exhibitionism. Striking, explicit images are layered one upon the next to form a richly textured backdrop to these frank and revealing stories. Topped off by a haunting original soundtrack by Justin Crosby, this piece leaves a lasting impression.
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Film Festival Screenings
1999Nov13 MIX NYC Gay/Lesbian Experimental Film/Video Festival
London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
2000Apr?? MIX Mexico Gay/Lesbian Experimental Film/Video Festival
2000Apr14 Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
2000May23 Toronto Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
2000Sep24 Image & Nation: Montréal Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
2000Oct07 Tampa International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
2000Oct09 Image Out: Rochester Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
2000Nov11 Reeling: Chicago Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
2000Aug16 Vancouver Queer Film & Video Festival
"Using repeated, heavily-manipulated images of his own naked body, VoyEx director Christopher Westfall explores the power of sex without touching or speaking."
2001Sep09 New York Independent Film Video Festival