Network News 20002 minutes 30 seconds  ©1998
This work of political satire was produced in 1998 as a fictitious network news broadcast on November 19, 2000. At the time of production, Jesse Ventura had just been elected governor of Minnesota, and Bill Clinton was mired in Lewinski-gate. The video imagines what it would be like if the World Wrestling Federation used the Reform Party to take over the US Government, and if Susan McDougal had the opportunity to depose Kenneth Starr.

This video screened to a seated audience only once. Those who have seen it say that they will never be the same again. It contains footage so extreme and disturbing that you will never get it out of your mind. There is nowhere on all of the Internet that it could possibly be hosted.

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Film Festival Screenings
1998Nov19 MIX NYC Gong Show - 3rd Place Winner