G*I*J*O8 minutes 30 seconds  ©1998
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Pronounced "Gee Eye Jay Oh", this one-man character monologue puts an entirely new spin on the solo video. A young GI lets us into his private world and shows us how he does what he does best. And he loves to talk about it. He says the kinds of things we all think but dare not say out loud. It's like he's the little devil that sits on all our shoulders. Outwardly humerous, this short subject is like no solo video you've ever seen.
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Film Festival Screenings
1998Nov22 MIX NYC Gay/Lesbian Experimental Film/Video Festival
1999Apr24 MIX Mexico
"In a year more focused on narrative, and boys' love stories, we started to hear that the festival was becoming a little bit shy regarding the screening of hardcore materials. [G*I*J*O] showed our audience our interest in works that can be seen as risky or x-rated -but with an interesting quality that makes them diferent [from] simple porn. Thanks a lot for letting us do that!"
1999May22 Inside Out Lesbian & Gay Film & Video Festval; Toronto
"Forrest Gump meets Jeff Stryker in this hilarious one-man show"
1999Jul24 Philadelphia International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival; Philadelphia PA
"Sling Blade meets Forrest Gump... in Gomer Pyle's Beddroom. One man's masturbatory love affair with his cock. Literally. Oddly sexy and laughably amusing."
1999Jul25,26,29 Kino im Schulz - Lesbische und Schwule Kurzfilme; Koln Germany
"ist eine Persiflage auf Wichsvideos."
1999Aug13 Out on Screen - Vancouver Queer Film & Video Festival; Vancouver BC
"A very voyeuristic trip with one man, his special friend, and another very special guest star!"