Reflection Projection1 minute 36 seconds  ©2010
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The ephemeral light of day reflecting off a shallow pool of water projects a magical tapestry of swirling and dancing shadows onto a sterile, white ceiling. An etherial silhouette enters the scene, evoking impressions of the memory of an absent lover. The haunting soundtrack by the tragically unhinged rock legend Syd Barrett heightens the sense of mystery and intrigue.
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Film Festival Screenings
2010Nov13 MIX NYC Gay/Lesbian Experimental Film/Video Festival
Back Story

Warning - may contain spoilers

With the fantastic comeback success of Narcissus' Kaleidoscope, you'd think I was back on the horse again. But that wasn't how it went. I still felt adrift without my equipment. I decided that I should leave my old camera and iMovie version behind once and for all. It was embarrassing enough to admit to using iMovie in the first place. I should really get off my lazy ass and learn Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier. But I didn't want to. And what few collaborators I once had either moved on or got sick of me asking them to help me on my projects. That still sapped my enthusiasm to do new work, and it still felt like more of a chore than a passion.

But to my credit, I did still have the creative spirit. I wanted to create stuff. It just wasn't happening. But I started carrying my video camera with me. I never used to take a step without a video camera rolling, but I had gotten to the point that I never even had one with me anymore. At least by bringing it with me I would have it in case the mood struck or an opportunity presented itself.

And then one day an opportunity did present itself. I was visiting a friend who was having the tile on his balcony redone. It was all torn up, and there were puddles of standing water out on the balcony. At a particular time of day, the sunlight would reflect off the puddles and onto the living room ceiling. The rippling of the water made for interesting shadow patterns on the ceiling.

So the next question was how to turn this into an art video. I decided to stick with my strengths and do what I always do. I took my clothes off and used my naked body. I just moved around a little in the light, casting a shadow as a silhouette of my

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