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Toaph's Private Stock

This is where I keep some of my more erotically charged work. I keep it in this private vault, first because I don't think that the general viewing public is entirely ready for it, but also because I feel that this work is special, and those who view it should in some way have earned their right to do so.

I do, however, request that this work remain private. Please do not reproduce any of the images here, please do not share this URL with anyone else (but it is okay to give them my email so that they can request access), and under no circumstances create a link to this site.

Beyond that, please enjoy my private stock.
Send any comments to toaph@psiphi.com

Let's put the EROTIC back in Homoerotic

Mirror Image - 6 images

Marble Slab I - 7 images

Seven Hour Boner - 7 images

Cubsim Series - 7 images

Marble Slab II - 9 images

Beam of White - 8 images

Touchey Sleepy - 4 images

Lofty Ambitions - 3 images

Close Shave - 2 images

Touch Me Touch You - 6 images

Take It Sitting Down - 6 images

Breakfast Food - 7 images

The Perfect Shape - 4 images

Sharp Contrast - 6 images

Floored - 3 images

Erotic Essays

Tales From The Locker Room