The Little Rascals

Early Episodes









Lonely Little Rich Girl
Miss Crabtree
Small Talk

The gang is hanging out at Mrs. Brown's Home For Children. Mrs. Brown calls them in to dinner, which is mostly spinach and biscuits. Over dinner they talk about how Weezer is going to be adopted, but his sister Mary is sad because she'll miss him. The woman arrives to pick him up. It turns out she's a rich woman and she buys him nice clothes, a toy train, and all kinds of other goodies. At her garden party the woman encourages all her other lady friends to adopt orphans. The gang shows up to visit Weezer and sneak into the house. Mayhem ensues. When the kids are finally apprehended, Weezer's new mom says she'll adopt Mary so they can be together, and all the other rich ladies decide to adopt the rest of the gang. All but Farina who is sad. But the big black maid announces she'll adopt him too and everyone is happy.

The gang is hanging out at the train yard, some of them set up on an old flatbed set up like a vaudeville stage. Joe and Chubby bring their fathers their lunches, and they're given a ride on a locomotive. They ride past the rest of the gang making it look like they're driving. When the fathers go off to eat their lunches, the rest of the gang comes buy, believing they were actually driving, and asking for a ride. Joe climbs up in the engine, but all he does is blast them with steam. But some rambling lunatic climbs up in there, gets the engine rolling, and jumps off. Joe knows enough to switch from forward to reverse, and avoids hitting the vaudeville flatbed on one end and the roundhouse on the other (over and over and over again), but Farina, who has gotten his foot caught in a switch, has to keep lying flat or he'll be killed. Chubby, who helps him get free, flips the switch so the train goes out of the yard. It eventually smashes through a truck and trailer stalled on a crossing, and almost collides with an oncoming passenger train. Joe finally figures out how to stop it, and they're congratulated for controlling the train after Logo Joe started it. But it turns out it was all a cautionary tale that Joe's father was telling them.

Lazy Days

Farina is lounging around, too lazy to even get up and get a drink or shoo away a bee. The rest of the gang takes their little siblings to a baby show to win prizes. They even take Weezer and Chubby who are way too big to make plausible babies. They get Farina to wash up his baby brother and bring him along too, but the baby buggy keeps breaking down. Eventually they realize that the show was a month ago.

Boxing Gloves

Farina is trying to be a boxing promoter, but his fighters are just little toddlers. Joe and Chubby start to fight over a girl, and when Farina notices this he conscripts them to fight. He tells Joe that Chubby will lie down in the second round, and he tells Chubby that Joe will lie down in the second round. They get a huge crowd to show up for the event, but the two aren't really mixing it up. Mary tells Farina that Joe will fight if he gets his hair mussed up. Farina tells Chubby that this is the signal for Joe to lie down, and when Chubby musses Joe's hair up, the fight really takes off. But in the end they each knock each other out.

Bouncing Babies

Weezer is jealous of his new baby brother because his parents are neglecting him. His mother won't even make him his own breakfast, so he makes pancakes out of Plaster of Paris. Weezer runs away, but he doesn't get any farther than Farina sitting on a nearby bench. Farina tells him he can take the baby back to the hospital and trade it for a goat. Weezer goes back to the house, but he doesn't realize that Mary has left her baby doll in the cradle. Weezer wheels the cradle all the way to the hospital. The nurse, realizing that it's only a doll in the cradle, tells Weezer that they'll have to call up to Heaven to see if it can be arranged. In reality she calls Weezer's mother and lets her know what's going on. Weezer goes home, and his mother and sister Mary pretend to cry because the baby is gone. When Weezer sees how unhappy she is he goes back to the hospital, but they tell him it's too late the baby is back in Heaven. Weezer comes home empty handed, and prays that the baby will be returned. His mother lets the baby crawl back into the room while Weezer's head is burried. The baby hits Weezer on the head with a hammer.

Moan and Groan

Kennedy the Cop is telling the kids stories. He says that when he was a kid he'd dig for buried treasure. The kids go to a nearby abandoned house and dig in the basement. Some crazy old transient guy living there starts scaring them. Mayhem ensues as the kids run all around the house scared out of their wits. Eventually Kennedy the Cop shows up and bumbles around the house as the transient gets the better of him. Finally Kennedy apprehends him.

Shivering Shakespeare

Some local drama lady has written a play set in Roman times, and casts all the neighborhood kids. As the play opens, not a single one of the kids can remember his lines. The production is a disaster, but they audience, mostly the kids' parents, are eating it up. Some roughnecks in the audience start chucking eggs at the actors. No longer satisfied with just eggs, the roughnecks buy pies, which are inexplicably being sold in large quantities in this community theater. Chubby throws a pie in retaliation, and accidentally hits another audience member. Before you know it, everyone is throwing pies at everyone else, and mayhem ensues. The drama lady comes out to put a stop to it, and everyone in the whole place pelts her simultaneously with a battery of pies.

The First Seven Years

Jackie is finding himself in love with Mary, but she won't have him. Kennedy the Cop advises him to get all dressed up and bring her candy and flowers. Jackie goes home to put on his Sunday best, but his mother forbids it. His granny overhears, and gives him a suit of clothes she made for his father when he was a kid. Jackie gets all dressed up in the ill-fitting old clothes, but by the time he returns to Mary he finds that another kid is courting her. Jackie wants to fight him until he stops to think that the other kid is a year older. Mary runs in the house and comes back out with a couple of real swords so that they can duel over her like the picture in her comic book. The two kids get dressed up in makeshift suits of armor. Jackie, thinking he'll be killed, bequeaths his pocket knife to Weezer. The two commence with their sword fight, and after trashing the front tire and radiator of Jackie's father's car, the find themselves in among a maze of clothes being hung out to dry. Mayhem ensues as the whole gang runs into the maze, and kids are getting poked in the butt, and clothes are getting shredded left and right. The older kid accidentally touches his sword to an overhead power line and gets a bad shock. Jackie, having had enough of this, takes off his armor and resorts to ordinary fisticuffs. He wounds up trouncing the older kid, but when the kid's father sees it he holds Jackie's arms back so the other kid can beat him. When Jackie's granny sees this, she bounds from the window and knocks the father to the ground.

When The Wind Blows

It's a windy night, which has the whole neighborhood spooked. Jackie's father is spanking him because he's not studying. Afterwards Jackie throws his school book out the window in frustration. But when he overhears his father telling his mother that he just wants Jackie to be successful, he feels bad and climbs outside to retrieve the book. But the window slams shut on him and he can't get in. Mayhem ensues as he runs all around the neighborhood with Kennedy the Cop one step behind him all the while. He eventually climbs up a ladder to Mary's second story room. Mary tosses him out, and he falls on top of a burglar who just happens to be skulking outside Mary's house. Kennedy apprehends him, and Jackie is a hero.

Bear Shooters

The gang is going camping. At first Spud can't go because he Weezer has the croup and Spud has to stay home and apply Goose Grease whenever he coughs. But eventually he decides to go anyway. The gang packs up their gear and food. Chubby has brought with him Limburger Cheese, which he claims is just like ice cream. They all climb in the buggy and away they go. At the camp site, everyone is hanging out. Farina is rowing in an an old bathtub and catching fish with an old fashioned round mousetrap. When Weezer coughs, Mary convinces Chubby to grease him, but Chubby accidentally applies Limburger Cheese instead of Goose Grease. A couple outlaws, in their nearby hideout, decide they better scare the kids away before they tip them off. One of them dresses up in a gorilla costume and starts chasing them around. Farina lassos his foot, and he falls forward with his hands landing in a bear trap. The kids then start shooting him with a pop gun and a bow and arrow. Jackie brings over a bee's nest, which the guy promptly sits on. He calls out to his partner, who chases the kids away and lends aid until he too gets stung by bees. The kids sick Petey on the guy, who jumps in the lake to try to get away. The kids all hide in a hallow log, until Weezer chasing a skunk he thinks is a cat into the log, and all the kids run out holding their noses.

A Tough Winter

Mary and Weezer are listening to the radio on a snowy winter day when the announcer says that a taffy pull is a fun event for such weather. Mary lights the stove and Weezer runs back and forth from the radio to the kitchen relaying ingredients, unaware that the announcer is switching from recipe to recipe. By the time they're done they've added rice, chili peppers and tobasco sauce, and a pound of Lux. The gang comes in to help pull the taffy and gets the sticky concoction all over everything.

Pups Is Pups

Farina answers an ad for "colored boys" to work as pages at a big pet show. He tells the gang to round up their pets and bring them down. Meanwhile, Weezer's puppies, trained to get food at the sound of a bell, run all over town chasing every random bell that rings. The gang gets to the show and sneaks their pets in. farina gets the judges who are aghast at these ragtag ruffians with their shabby pets. When they chase them out of the show, mayhem ensues. Finally Weezer shows up at a church, dejected at the loss of his pups. But the sound of church bells bring the puppies running.

Teacher's Pet

On the first day of school, the kids are weary of the mysterious new teacher, Miss Crabtree, and how she could never measure up to Miss Magilacutty. Jackie, on his way to school, gets a ride from a pretty lady. Unaware that she is in fact Miss Crabtree herself, Jackie spills the beans on the pranks the gang intends to play on her, and their plans to ditch school and go swimming. When Miss Crabtree makes her entrance, Jackie is aghast, and the rest of the gang consider him a turncoat. Miss Crabtree announces a cake and ice cream party to celebrate the first day of school, and when Weezer and Dorothy come to deliver the flimsy pretense for the gang to ditch school, Miss Crabtree ushers them out instead of letting them have cake and ice cream. Chubby, farina, and Buddy come back in to confess, but Jackie is too ashamed. But Miss Crabtree takes pity on him and brings him some cake and ice cream anyway.

School's Out

Chatting before school, the gang is preoccupied with the prospect that Miss Crabtree might marry and leave them, just like Miss Magillacutty did. When on lunch break a dashing man shows up asking for her. They figure he must be there to marry her and they make up horrid stories about her. The man leaves, and they follow him. When they see him skinny dipping, they hide his clothes so that he won't be able to marry her. Back in class the kids give foolish answers to her quiz questions, based on answers that one of them found in the book "Minstrel and Blackface Joke Book." Afterwards, she tells the kids that she was expecting her brother over lunch. When they realize what they've done, they give tearful confessions. Then her brother shows up wearing ladies clothing. Immediately thereafter, Weezer, Dorothy, and Stymie show up wearing the man's clothes that they found.

Helping Grandma

The gang is working in a general store, owned and operated by an elderly woman everyone refers to as "Grandma." A greedy, villainous man come in, talking about the unlikely prospect of a potential chain store buyout, and offering her $1500. Grandma declines. Grandma leaves the gang in charge of the store for a while. While she's gone, the chain store people come buy, leaving with the gang their offer for $3500. The greedy man comes back and snatches the offer away from the gang. The gang goes out to make deliveries, leaving Mary in charge, who promptly leaves Weezer in charge. The chain store people call, and Weezer, telling Dorothy that the amount of candy she's giving him isn't enough. The chain store people think it's Grandma telling that the their offer isn't enough, and keep raising their offer. Grandma returns, as does the greedy man, who convinces her that the chain store people won't be buying. She signs a contract of sale just before the chain store people show up. But it turns out she accidentally signed a blank piece of paper, so she gets all the money, and pops the greedy man in the mouth.

Love Business

Jack is in his room before breakfast, an old love letter in his hand, going on about how much he loves Miss Crabtree. Down at the breakfast table, Weezer complains about how Jack hugs and kisses him all night. After Jack leaves for school, Miss Crabtree rings the front bell, telling Jack's mother that she'll take the room that's for rent. Elsewhere, Chubby, another old love letter in his hand, recites the drippy language he finds in it. At the school house before class starts, Jack learns that Miss Crabtree will be staying at their house, and has reservations about it. Back at the house that night, Jack's mother accidentally dumps a box of moth balls into the soup, and everyone around the table makes faces while they choke it down. After dinner, Jack overhears Mary telling Miss Crabtree that Chubby's coming over that night to propose marriage. Downstairs, Jack sits down with Miss Crabtree, intending to beat Chubby to the punch, but then the front doorbell rings. It's Chubby, who sneaks in after Jack attempts to dispatch him. He sits with Miss Crabtree, but each time he tries to get out his question Jack interrupts them. Jack's mother catches him, and when she realizes what's going on, discovers that Weezer sold them her old love letters. She goes to give him what for, but finds him in bed with Petey wearing a catcher's mask.

Little Daddy

Farina has been taking care of his brother Stymie while their father is in jail. But he learns that someone from the orphanage will be taking Stymie away. On their last night he reads bible stories to him. The next day Farina invites the gang over for a farewell party, but Stymie eats all the cake and ice cream before the gang gets there. When the man from the orphanage shows up, the gang rips his pants and does whatever else they can to keep him from taking Stymie away. Finally someone runs and gets Miss Crabtree. She offers to take charge of the kids until she can find a home for them. The man from the orphanage simply says, "I think that'd be all right." He drives away, and the gang finds Stymie sitting atop the spare tire on the back of the man's car as it speeds off.

Bargain Day

The gang is helping Chubby pick out a hat until the store owner chases them out. They discover that Weezer has swiped all their stuff so he can peddle it. They wind up at the door of the lonely little rich girl, who invites them in. While Weezer is showing her his wares, Stymie mixes it up with a little monkey who keeps throwing vases at him. Meanshile, the baby they brought with them hits the burglar alarm. The gang finds Weezer there and goes in to get their stuff back. While they're wandering around, Farnia puts Chubby in the steam box so he can lose some weight. The cops show up and mayhem ensues as they try to round up the kids. The finally get them all together, and bring in Chubby, whose clothes have all shrunk.

Fly My Kite

The gang is in cowboy and indian garb, huddled around an old lady who is reading them a comic book. The gang hides when her evil son-in-law shows up, who tells her that she's broke and that he's sending her off to the poor house. She accuses him of breaking her late daughter's heart and squandering all her money. But it's a moot point, because he's kicking her out. The kids come out of their hiding places and attack him. He finally casts them off and exits. On his way out he finds a letter for the old lady in the mailbox. It's from "The Securities Corporation" in New York City. They're trying to get in touch with her in regard to the 20 gold bonds she has from the Imperial Steel Company. The man takes the letter and finds out that the bonds are worth $100,000. The old lady comes across the bonds while she's packing up all her old stuff. Thinking they're worthless, she uses them on the tail of Chubby's kite. The son-in-law comes back, steps on the old lady's glasses so she can't read, and lies to her that the letter says the bonds are worthless. When he realizes that they're on the tail of the kite, he rips the kite out of Chubby's hands, but the kids chase him around the field. Stymie puts the letter behind the fishbowl, which magnifies the type and allows her to read the true contents of the message. She runs and gets a policeman, who apprehends the man after the gang has already made a mess of him.

Big Ears

Weezer is a little rich kid, and his parents are always fighting. They have another spat over breakfast, but Weezer plays peacemaker and gets them to make up. Weezer goes out to play, and as soon as he's gone they find something else to fight over. Weezer overhears them say they're going to get a divorce. He decides that if he gets sick that his parents won't want a divorce anymore. Stymie (the little "pickaninny") feeds him lard, soap, and all kinds of things to make him sick. It works, and Weezer gets a terrible stomach ache. Stymie and Dorothy pull everything from the medicine cabinet. Stymie gets his mammy, who has Weezer taken to the hospital. When Weezer's parents see him sick they decide they'll never argue again.

Early-intermediate Episodes






Baby Spanky

Miss Crabtree
Shiver My Timbers

The gang in hanging out down at the docks listening to some old salty dog's tall tales. Back at the school house Miss Crabtree is wondering where everyone is. Dorothy tattles on them, and Miss Crabtree is so upset she leaves school and goes down there to give him a piece of her mind. The old guy realizes the error of his ways, and he comes up with a secret plan to scare them straight. After Miss Crabtree leaves he tells the gang they can ship out with him tonight. The gang comes back, and the old guy and his fake pirate buddies proceed to scare the living daylights out of them with the dire seriousness that is piracy. But when they bring Miss Crabtree on board as a hostage, the gang gets all riled up and winds up getting the better of the pirates.

Dogs Is Dogs

Weezer and Dorothy's stepmother is very domineering and mean to them but lavishes affection on her own son Sherwood. Sherwood tattles on Weezer for having Petey in his bed, and takes great glee in Weezer's spaking. Weezer socks him on the chin and winds up getting another spanking, saying that if his good-for-nothing father doesn't come home soon she'll send him away. Sherwood gets ham and eggs for breakfast, but Weezer and Dorothy get only mush. Stymie comes in and tricks Sherwood into cooking them ham and eggs by claiming that they talk while they're being cooked. Outside, Sherwood falls into the well. Weezer, Stymie and Dorothy rescue him, but Sherwood decides to get even with them for not pulling him out sooner. He tells the neighbor man that Petey killed one of his chickens, even though it was Sherwood's dog. The neighbor chases Petey all over the place shooting off his gun multiple times. A policeman puts a stop to it, but has to take Petey away because he has no license. Just when Weezer is most desperate, a nice rich lady comes buy and pays for the license for him. It turns out she's Weezer and Dorothy's rich aunt. She says that their father has been very sick, and she dresses them up and takes them away from their unhappy home.

Readin' And Writin'

It's the first day of school and all the kids make their way to the school house. Brisbain doesn't want to go, and when his mother tells him he could be President he says he wants to be a streetcar conductor. On the way he stops off at a blacksmith's shop. After Brisbain wises off, the blacksmith tells him of a wise kid who got expelled. But all he does is give Brisbain the notion to get expelled and lots of ideas on how to do it. He winds up pulling all his stunts, including throwing a huge wad of gum into the mouth of poor Sherwood who was reciting a sappy poem to the teacher. Finally Brisbain brings a mule into the classroom, and Miss Crabtree has had enough. Unless Brisbain recites Sherwood's poem, he will be expelled. Brisbain flat out refuses, and dances off and out of class. But he quickly realizes that with all the other kids in school that he has no one to play with. As he tries to keep himself occupied, the words "learn that poem" haunt him endlessly. Finally he gives in, sheepishly returns to class, and recites the poem to the endless jeers of his classmates.

Free Eats

The gang is getting all dressed up for a free picnic that the wife of the local mayoral candidate is throwing for needy kids. Elsewhere is a small band out outlaws, including the ringleader, his accomplice dressed up like his wife, and two dwarfs in baby clothes. They learn of the same picnic, and when the gang comes along, the ringleader sends the "babies" off with them. The babies taunt Stymie by talking to him, but when Stymie tells others in the gang no one believes him. At the party, all the needy kids are having the time of their lives, but the two babies are busy sneaking jewels from all the rich ladies. The babies sneak inside the house and crack the safe. Meanwhile all the ladies realize their jewels are missing. They're apprehended by the gang. Initially the cops think it's the gang who robbed everyone, but when Stymie jabs one of the babies with a hat pin, the dwarf shouts, "Ouch! I'll knock you...!" and the jig is up.

Choo Choo!

The gang is playing down by the train yard. Some orphans are on one of the trains, and when they change cars some of them decide to make their getaway. They find the gang and con them into switching clothes by telling them that they get all the cake and ice cream they want on the train. The gang eagerly takes the bait. By this time the train has left without them, and the gang is sent on the next train with a railroad employee who is none to happy about it. The gang are rowdy and out of control, driving all the rest of the passengers nuts. Things only get worse when everyone retires to the sleeper car. But it really gets out of control when a drunken novelty salesman distributes noisemakers and fireworks to all the kids. And if that isn't enough, Stymie goes to the baggage car to fetch Petey, and winds up releasing a whole barnyard full of animals. In the mayhem, a monkey lights a match and ignites all the fireworks. The next morning all the passengers hobble off the train like wounded soldiers. The railroad employee receives a telegram saying he has the wrong kids and he should bring them all back. It's more than he can take.


Baby Spanky is in his bedroom being very cute. At breakfast we learn that we learn that the gang is giving a big show in the barn, and that Spanky is not to bother them. The gang gets ready for the show. We learn that Spanky's father is an old cheapskate who has tons of cash hidden away in the house but won't spend any of it on his family. The gang goes ahead with the show, but it's a bit of a flop and the audience throws eggs at them. Back in the house, Spanky is making a real mess out of the place. He discovers where his father has his money hidden, and starts throwing it out the window. Of course the audience runs outside and starts grabbing the cash. The father comes home and freaks out. When he chases the kids away he decides he's going to put his money in a good bank and spend some of it on his wife and kids.

The Pooch

Stymie, Spanky, and Petey are sitting at a lunch counter, but when the attendant figures out they have no money he gets rid of them. Stymie finds the rest of the gang hanging disparaging signs about him around the neighborhood because he stole their pie. He discovers that the dog catcher has captured all the gang's dogs, and when the dog catcher leaves his truck Stymie sets them free. The gang comes upon him with all their dogs and accuse him of trying to steal them. But Dorothy sets them straight and he's in good with the gang again. But in the mean time the dog catcher has nabbed Petey. Stymie is horrified, and the gang starts tearing the dog catcher's clothes and throwing vegetables at him, which only make the dog catcher all the more mad. The gang heads off to try to figure out how to get Stymie the $5 he needs to get Petey out. Stymie sits down to pray, and just then the wind blows a $5 bill out of a lady's hand. A policeman chases Stymie around, but he gets away. Stymie and the gang run to the pound, but they're too late. The evil dog catcher has already gassed Petey. But it turns out there was no gas, and not only is Petey alive, but he chases the dog catcher away.

Hook And Ladder

Due to a shortage of funds, men, and equipment, the local Fire Chief has called upon the general public to help fight fires. The gang has set up a whole fire station in their barn. But chief Dickey has to care for little Spanky, and give him his worm medicine every 15 minutes. They all lie down to sleep like real firemen and wait for a fire. The lookout spots fire engines leaving the station, and thinks that this is where the fire is. All the kids get up, don their gear, and hop in their fire vehicles. They get to the fires house discover that there is no fire, but then see smoke coming out of a nearby barn. Some of them fight the flames with hoses, but Stymie goes upstairs to investigate. He finds black powder and TNT, which he proceeds to throw out the window and cause explosions. Eventually his way is blocked and the throws a case out the other window, and is seen by real firemen who just happen to be nearby. When the firemen realize that the kids just put out a real fire, he says they'll be rewarded.

Free Wheeling

Dickie is a little rich kid with a chronic stiff neck and an overprotective mother. The doctors keep telling her that the boy should go out and play with other kids, but the mother won't hear of it. The gang has fabricated a taxi cab that is pushed by an old mule, and they give other kids rides around the neighborhood. Stymie gets called by his mammy to deliver some laundry to Dickey's house. He sneaks in to see Dickie and promises to give him some excitement. Meanwhile the mule has gotten drunk on rubbing alcohol, and as the gang takes Dickey for a ride the mule eventually breaks free. The gang run off to chase the mule, leaving Dicky and Stymie alone in the cab. They hitch a rope to a nearby truck and go for a real ride. But the cab, having no breaks, quickly finds a steep hill and rolls out of control. After a harrowing ride they ditch it in a hay stack. Moments later Dickie's parents show up and find that their boy is cured.

Birthday Blues

It's Dickie's mother's birthday, but his cold-hearted father forgot about it and doesn't care. She ordered a dress for herself, which has just arrived COD, but he makes her send it back. This makes her cry, and makes Dickie feel sad. He's determined to get her a gift himself, and finds a beautiful dress in the window of a secondhand shop, but it costs $1.98 and he doesn't have the money. Stymie says that their church makes a great big cake with prizes in it, and sells tickets. The kids try to bake a cake and make a real mess out of it. They put some prizes in, but when they're not looking Spanky dumps an old junk drawer full of stuff into it. The cake winds up being the behemoth of a monstrosity that is bulging on the sides and making noises like "Weep waaah, weep waaah." A bunch of kids comes in, but in the mean time Dickie has sold a pile of scrap for $2 and runs off to the secondhand store. Stymie brings out the cake, and it's not long before the kids rebel against the bogus prizes and trash the dining room. Dickie's father comes home to the God awful mess and chases the kids out. Dickie comes in with the secondhand dress in a box, and his father whips him good. His mother comes home and puts a stop to it, but then realizes what a disaster the house is. But Dickie explains it was so that he could buy her a present, and all is forgiven. Dickie's father even gets the giving spirit. The next day Dickie's mother puts on the dress and even wears it to church, but stumbles in the shoes that the salesman threw in for free.

Late-intermediate Episodes



Straight-haired Kid

Young Spanky



Young Alfalfa

Young Buckwheat

Young Woym
The Golden Era







Jump The Shark




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