To most people, "gay skinheads" seems like a contradiction in terms. But in fact, there is a significant number of people who identify themselves this way. They are, by & large, non-political. That is to say that they are NOT neo-nazis. Their belief system has nothing to do with racism or white supremacy.

They are, however, interested in many things that the gay population at large does not embrace. This includes military and militaristic idealism, and an unusually strong sense of discipline. They often engage in dominant/submissive sexual behavior, and generally have an affinity for leather, rubber, bondage, water sports, and other "hard core" sexual activities. One thing they definitely all seem to have in common is an overwhelming love of boots.

They are also gay. VERY gay. They are fiercely proud of it, and are probably the last people in the world who are likely to be gay-bashed.

I'm not entirely sure why I find gay skinheads so intriguing. I can't say I share their interest in military and discipline. Perhaps it's because they're so entirely masculine. I've always been a very masculine gay man, and I've had rather a difficult time relating to much of the gay community.

Also it could be that I see in them qualities that I wish I saw in myself. I am a hopelessly undisciplined, lazy lout. I'm a rather timid, almost cowardly man who is afraid of conflict and deathly terrified of violence. These people have no fear. Fighting is a way of life for them. I still hold strongly to my pacifist beliefs, but it would be nice to have the ability to fight if I ever needed to defend myself.

Or maybe it's the fact that I just find these guys so God damned HOT!!! Take a look at this strapping young man for example. His lean and well-muscled physique; his cropped hair and plain clothing; his defiant posture and loosely clenched fists; his "I dare you" gaze... Everything about this man screams, "I am strong. I am masculinity personified."

I would sell my soul for one night with this guy. The thought of him letting me touch his hard body practically makes me cream my jeans right now. To hold his naked body next to mine, to give him the ultimate in sensual pleasure, to bathe myself in his hot semen is just about the most erotic thought I could dream of.

I've never met a gay skinhead in real life, but if I ever did you can bet I'd be his bitch in a hurry!

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