MIX 2014


Showed up Saturday night to find a robust venue with lots of space and lots of extensive, coordinated installations. It was a hexagon theme that year for whatever reason. In the middle of it all was a hexagonal pyramid 3 tiers high that I knew would serve as a fabulous podium for me to dance naked later. I explored around and found myself in this installation that was like a bedouin tent made out of a geodesic jungle gym with all kinds of fabric laid on top of it. While I was lying in there by myself, I decided to whip it out and play with hit a little. To my surprise I had a raging boner. It wasn't long before I was running around stark naked. I found a spot behind some scenery just in front of the backdrop where I could keep all my stuff. But I decided to wear the John Deere ball cap. I thought it would be wry. As soon as I was out and naked among the crowd I had a non-stop stiffy practically the whole time

I did, indeed, make good use of the podium. The top tier was occupied a lot of the time, but if ever I noticed that it was available I would climb right up and do my go-go boy dance with my big fat stiff cock visible to the entire party, and of course in my John Deere ball cap. By now I had created an idiom out of it. And I just danced like crazy, wagging my hard cock all over the place, sometimes actively pumping it, jerking myself off long and hard in front of the whole crowd.

At one point while I was up there, some girl came up to me and said, "Excuse me, could I borrow your hat for a second?" I looked back at her, like WTF...? She was like, "I won't go anywhere with it, I promise." So I gave her my hat. She put it on her head and turned to her girlfriends watching from a safe distance. She smiled to her girlfriends and gave the thumbs-up while they all shrieked. When she gave me my hat back I made her hang it from my stiff dick. They all thought that was a hoot.

Another cool moment was when some young fellow climbed up to the second tier, and just stared at my cock. He didn't make a play for it, or for me. He just sat as close as he could and stared right at my big stiff dick. It was as if he knew that this was exactly what I wanted. I wanted people to see my erect penis, look at it, and consider what it looks like. It was wonderful that he got it, and gave me what I wanted.

Later, wandering around the party naked, I came upon a kid who was literally falling-down drunk. Someone was holding him up. But even in this state, he took one look at me. I stepped over to him. The other person took off, leaving me to care for the drunk kid. In an instant I could tell that in his uninhibited state, he wanted to get naked too. I was all for it. But as he tried to take his clothes off, he fell ass over teacup. I picked him back up again. We were right next to a nice installation where you can sit down, but it was dominated by lesbians, as it had been all night. After scoping out the space, I saw the bedouin tent. "Over there," I said to the kid. "You can lie down." he nodded. I practically had to carry him the whole way over there, but once inside we collapsed onto the cushions, and he started taking his clothes off. He was reminding me of myself back in my frat boy days, if I had been able to openly have naked gay sex at the frat parties. I was half tempted to hide the kids clothes so that when he sobered up totally naked he had no way to get dressed, but I took pity on him, made a little pillow out of his stuff, and kept it right by his head. The kid practically passed out right away, but not before he got a nice big stiffy of his own. Ah youth! Impervious to whisky dick. I gave it a good sucking for quite a while. It was just right for vigorous deepthroating. I knew he was still awake enough to moan and groan as I went hog wild on his cock. Alas, after a while I'd had enough and wanted to get back to the party. I made sure his stuff was still by his head, and I started crawling out of the tent. Some dude who had been watching us had his pants undone and his boner out. He flipped the kid over and started fucking him. I didn't see the kid resist. I wasn't really sure he was still fully conscious. I decided not to intervene.

Back at the party I continued running around with my boner out. I met this guy Efrain Gonzalez who purported himself to be a Hell's Kitchen photo-historian. Interesting guy. He took a few photos of me.

As the evening wore on, I knew it was time to start thinking about my grand finale. At one point I was up dancing on the podium, and this young fellow climbed up and approached me.

"I've been admiring you from afar all night," he said.

I immediately quipped back, "It's time you started admiring me up close. I'm looking to wrap things up. Want to finish me off?"

He was taken aback. He said he didn't want to, but when I pressed him, he said it was because it was out in front of everyone. I immediately thought of the bedouin tent, and proposed that. He was still a little reluctant.

"Please," I pleaded. "This has been such a wonderful night. The perfect way to cap it off is for you to send me over the edge.

He agreed. But he had to go and tell his friends to wait for him. I said I had to get my poppers out of my stuff. We'd meet back over by the bedouin tent. He went his way and I went mine. When I went back to my stuff I found a couple of cute boys getting it on back there. None of us paid the other any mind and I rummaged through my stuff as they fondled each other's dicks and kissed. I got the poppers and headed back looking for my finisher. I got caught up chatting with someone who wanted to comment on my antics. I had every exepectation that the finisher had ditched me. But then I saw him across the way. He hadn't left yet. Then he caught my glance. He nodded, extricated himself from his current conversation, and met me over at the tent. We got in there and the passed out boy was still being fucked by that dude. I settled in, and my finisher started sucking and stroking my cock. I whiffed the poppers. It send me into one of those dank sex pit vibes, where the erogenous sights, sounds, smells, and sensations congeal into an orgasmic flurry, all in a dirty, smutty, wonton orgy where men run openly aroused and drunk boys get raped while the party watches. It made me cum. All over the place. It was a gargantuan load. The finisher thanked me and made his exit. The passed-out boy was still getting fucked. I probably should have put a stop to it. I didn't.