Planes, Trains, & Automobiles

Toaph's Amazing Journey

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Saturday March 30
1 Dropped my car off at my office. Swooner gave me a ride to the car rental place. Picked up the rental car and drove it home.
Sunday March 31
2 Picked up Steph and drove to Washington DC in the rental car
Tuesday April 2
3 Took the DC Metro to Union Station (Steph took the rental car home)
4 Rode Amtrak to Penn Station in New York City
5 Took the Subway to the 14th Street Station
6 Walked to HowieJ's apartment in the East Village
Wednesday April 3
7 Walked from HowieJ's apartment to the 2nd Street Station
8 Took the Subway to Kew Gardens in Queens
9 Todd met me at the station and walked me to his apartment
Thursday April 4
10 Took a taxi from Todd's to JFK
11 Flew American Airlines to Heathrow
12 Joe picked me up and drove me to his flat in Southwest London
Sunday April 7
13 Joe drove me back to Heathrow
14 Flew American Airlines back to JFK
15 Took a free shuttle bus from JFK to the nearby subway station
16 Rode the same subway train all the way to the Port Authority
17 Took a ShortLine bus to Ithaca
18 Walked from the bus stop in CollegeTown to my office
19 Got in my waiting car and drove home
20 Whew!!!