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Toaph's Amazing Journey

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  • This trip was marked by quite a number of coincidences. The first and most considerable was simply the cosmic timing of all these events. The training in DC, the auto show, and the London Film Festival all fell perfectly into place.

  • The training in DC was scheduled months ahead of time, but it wound up taking place at exactly the time that the cherry blossoms were in bloom. From what I understand that lasts for only a brief time every year, and there's no way to predict with any certainty exactly when it will occur.

  • I had just missed the NYC auto show in 2001, and had been looking forward to it for the whole year. I originally planned to go on the same weekend that wound up being the DC trip. At first I was concerned about the conflict, but it turned out to be a happy coincidence.

  • I had heard about The World Trade Center light sculpture and thought about going to NYC to see it, but had completely forgotten about it until I went up to HowieJ's roof for a smoke and saw it in the distance. It was only intended to last for a couple of weeks, and it was a wild coincidence that it was on while I was there.

  • The motorcycle show at the Rockefeller Plaza concourse level was a complete surprise to me, yet something in which I was very interested. When I got there and saw the banners I discovered that it was only going on for that week. I had absolutely no idea, and it made a wonderful compliment to the auto show.

  • The Queen Mum passed away just days before I got on the plane for London. Everyone at the party Saturday night was talking about it, and how people felt it necessary to stand in line for hours to see the coffin. It was bizarre timing and just one more odd coincidence on this unlikely journey.